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Every big budget film needs an onsite Mac Specialist. Call one with 15 years film industry experience.


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Feature Film IT Services

Setup during Pre-Production

Onsite support for getting users access to network, internet, file server, printers and collaboration tools during pre-production.

Remote Device Management

BYOD enrolment for automatic account configuration for Mac OS X 10.7+, iOS 5.0+. Instructions for manual account setup available via secure LAN website.

Secure Network Management

Setup of secure internet connection, firewall appliance, gigabit network, file server and data storage that's fully managed.

Cloud Integration

Encrypted data synchronisation for backup, archiving or remote workgroups: Chronosync, Rsync, BTSync, Amazon S3, Glacier, Dropbox or Box-Sync.

Data Backup or Ingress

All data is RAID 10 protected, providing for up to 2 out of 4 disk failures per RAID set. 2.5" drives can be hot swappable for project ingress or offsite backups.

On Set / On Location Internet

Wi-fi coverage on set, or 3G/4G, BGAN or EUSAT connectivity for remote location internet or data synchronisation.

Collaboration Tools

Secure encrypted Calendar, Contacts & Email for HODs, Directors, Co-ordinators, PAs etc. Supported on OS X & iOS, Windows (emclient), Android (CalDAV, CardDAV-Sync).

Technical Liaison

For VFX, DIT, Editorial, ISP, Printer/Copiers, Vendors, film studio IT and user device troubleshooting.

Server & Network Equipment

All equipment is fully managed by secure remote access. Technical requests are performed ASAP without you having to arrange any onsite visits. This can happen 24/7/365 if required.

File Server & Network
File Sharing Services (AFP/SMB/NFS) with full User/Group access control.

Protected RAID 10 & ZFS Storage from 4TB (expandable to 288TB total raw capacity).

Data Backup available via additional storage or encrypted cloud solutions.

UPS backup power for server & internet uptime to cover transient power outages or to hot swap power sources.

Gigabit LAN for a productive networking environment.

Internet Connectivity
Single/Dual ISP WAN with optional redundancy (SAT/3G/4G).

Secure Internet for up 500 active users and 2000 network devices.

Internet bandwidth can be allocated to essential services (OpenVPN, Aspera, Signiant, BTSync).

Remote OpenVPN access can be provisioned for select users with 256bit encryption.


"Shane has an innovative approach to his role and has never been intimidated by the particular challenges of the film industry, nor to our demanding personalities and schedules"
Alex Taussig (Production Manager - The Great Gatsby)

"Adaptable, knowledgeable, calm and professional in what has been a series of dynamic and rapidly changeable environments"
Tony Clark (Managing Director, Founder - Cinenet, Rising Sun)

"I take every opportunity to have Shane on my staff as his expertise, knowledge of his craft and attention to detail are unsurpassed"
Nick Copping (Production Coordinator - The Wolverine)

CV/Profile available on LinkedIN

Filmography on IMDB

Film Production Experience
as freelance (f) or as Staff (s):

  • Troy Studios: Limerick, Ireland (f) 2017

  • Alien: Convent (s) 2016

  • Unbroken (f) 2013-2014

  • The Wolverine (s) 2012-2013

  • The Great Gatsby (s) 2011-2013

  • Australia (f) 2006-2009

  • Moulin Rouge (f) 2000-2001